Leveling your KICKR MOVE

Due to the KICKR MOVE’s track system and additional side-to-side movement provided by the AXIS feet, some riders' position or riding style may cause them to lean slightly to the left or right while at rest when the trainer base is leveled to the floor. If you are one of these riders, you may want to adjust the leveling feet to counter this and center yourself on the MOVE in a more natural position.

  1. Start by leveling the KICKR MOVE’s base relative to the floor by loosening the blue locknut of the AXIS foot on a side stabilizer leg and then threading the foot out/in to raise or lower that side before tightening the locknut to lock the AXIS foot height.


  2. If necessary, place a bubble level on the rear of the base.

    KICKR MOVE Rear View_e2.png

  3. Install your bike and mount it, checking the feel in the hoods, drops and seated straight up with hands off of the bars. 
  4. If you feel a persistent lean to either side, further adjust the height of one or both AXIS feet to counter that slight lean.

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