Broadcasting HR or Pace + Cadence with RIVAL

Understanding the feature

The RIVAL is capable of broadcasting or sending out the optical heart rate and running pace + cadence data that it records to other head units, devices, or apps.  When manually set to broadcast heart rate or running pace + cadence, the RIVAL will function as a freestanding sensor for those data types and, once paired to another device or app via Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) or ANT+, will transmit that data for as long as the function is toggled on.


How to manually broadcast heart rate or running pace + cadence


  1. Press and hold the bottom left button to access the settings menu on your RIVAL.
  2. Use the top and bottom right buttons to scroll to Broadcasting and select by pressing the middle right button.
  3. Press the middle right button again to toggle to Heart Rate Broadcasting or down using the bottom right button to select Pace + Cadence.
  4. The RIVAL will now act like a normal heart rate or pace and cadence sensor available to connect via either Bluetooth or ANT+.


How to automatically broadcast heart rate to an ELEMNT computer

Related to the Rival Multisport Handover feature, if a RIVAL is paired to the same ELEMNT app as an ELEMNT computer, the RIVAL can set to auto-broadcast heart rate data to the ELEMNT computer in the ELEMNT app > Settings > Sensors > Auto broadcast heart rate.  Once set, the RIVAL will broadcast its optical wrist heart rate data or forward the data from any external heart rate sensor paired to it to the ELEMNT computer.



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