Headwind control with RIVAL


Like the Wahoo App and ELEMNT GPS Computers (ELEMNT, BOLT, and ROAM), the ELEMNT RIVAL is capable of control of the KICKR Headwind both directly and indirectly using heart rate or speed data.  In order to use the feature, connect the KICKR Headwind with your ELEMNT RIVAL as an external sensor using the normal sensor setup process and ensure you are on the latest available firmware for your RIVAL. Once connected, the ELEMNT RIVAL can control the KICKR Headwind or broadcast HR or Speed data from sensors paired to the RIVAL.



  • TICKR, TICKR X, TICKR Fit, or other ANT+ capable HRM (for HR control)
  • KICKR, RPM Speed or BlueSC speed sensor, or other ANT+ capable speed sensor


Pairing process

  1. Hold bottom left button to open menu
  2. Use top or bottom right buttons to scroll down to Sensors
  3. Press middle right button to search for sensors
  4. Use top or bottom right buttons to scroll to Headwind.
  5. Use middle right button to select and save Headwind.
  6. Use bottom left button to exit pairing screen.
  7. Use middle right button to select Headwind.


Direct Control


Once paired, the Headwind will default to Direct Control mode, allowing you to adjust fan speed from 0-100% in 25% increments. Use the pair of buttons you have chosen for the zoom function (bottom left + right, bottom left + top right, or top left + bottom right) to open the adjustment menu and then use the top or bottom right buttons to increase or decrease the fan speed. Press the bottom left button to exit the submenu or the Control menu entirely.


Heart rate


Once paired to your RIVAL, if the Headwind is placed in HR mode using the buttons on the front of the Headwind or in the Wahoo App, the Headwind will adjust fan speed based on the settings made for the Headwind HR mode in the Wahoo App (Settings > Sensors > Headwind > HR).  If a TICKR or other external HR monitor has been paired to the RIVAL and is awake/connected, this value will be passed through the RIVAL and broadcast to the Headwind instead. No direct pairing to the Headwind is required.  Please note, HR or Speed mode must be selected on the hardware controls on the Headwind itself or in the Wahoo App.




If a device capable of providing speed data (KICKR BIKE, a KICKR, CORE, or SNAP trainer, or RPM Speed or Blue SC Speed sensor) has been paired to the RIVAL, and the Headwind is manually set on Speed mode on the Headwind itself or in the Wahoo app, the Headwind will simulate wind based on the reported speed of the speed sensor. No direct pairing of the trainer is required.



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