What do the TICKR FIT LEDs Mean?

Button function

  • Long (3 sec) press: power on/off 

LED Function

  • Blue LED slow blink: awake and searching (LED operation shuts off 30 seconds after waking)
  • Blue LED fast blink: connecting to device
  • Solid Blue LED: connected to device (LED operation shuts off 30 seconds after pairing)
  • Power down sequence: flash RED for 2 seconds then power off


  • If NOT full when placed on charger: green LED alternates on/off.
  • When FULLY charged, solid green for 5 seconds, then LED off.

Low Battery Indicator

  • LED flashes orange 3 times: battery at 15% or lower. Normal LED function resumes after flashing.
  • LED flashes red for 2 seconds: low battery shut off - TICKR FIT will automatically power down when the battery is too low, flashing RED for 2 seconds, then powering off. If powered on below the 5% threshold, unit will flash red again for 2 seconds, then shut down.

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