How to Pair the TICKR FIT with the Wahoo Fitness App (iOS)

The TICKR FIT follows the same pairing procedure as the KICKR, outlined in the video below:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth® is turned on and open the Wahoo Fitness iOS App
  2. Select “Sensors" in the bottom left, then “Add New Sensor”
  3. Choose your TICKR from the available sensors
  4. For the best accuracy and reliability, always keep your TICKR updated if prompted. Take a moment to enter personal measurements like height and weight as well.
  5. When complete, select “Save Sensor,” then choose the workout profiles you would like the TICKR active for (ex. Indoor Bike Trainer)
  6. Select “Done” to complete the pairing & workout selection process

Your TICKR is now paired and ready for action! To use your TICKR, start a workout in one of the profiles you marked the TICKR active for. Swipe right within a workout to access additional details and metrics.

Since the Wahoo Fitness app remembers saved devices, you can skip the sensors page next time - just start a new workout to get kickin! You can also try your sensor with one of our favorite 3rd party apps.


TICKR FIT is also compatible with the ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT with the instructions here.