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How Do I Register My KICKR?

Registering you new KICKR or Snap is the best way to make sure you receive all promotional offers included with your purchase.  Once registered, you will receive an email with any applicable promo codes. Please be aware, the trainer must be connected to the Wahoo Fitness app via BT in order to complete registration (ant+ connection will not allow registration be to be completed).

Follow these steps to register your KICKR using the Wahoo Fitness app:

  1. Start with your trainer plugged in and ready to pair
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on and open the Wahoo Fitness app downloaded from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android) to select "Sensors"
    Wahoo_Fitness_App.png WF_Sensors.png
  3. Select your sensor or choose "Add New Sensor" if this is your first time pairing
  4. After the sensor is selected, choose "Register" to complete the registration form 


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