Bluetooth troubleshooting [iOS]

If you're having difficulty pairing a trainer or other sensor with an app, these advanced troubleshooting steps for iOS resolve many issues.
  1. Begin by navigating to each app the sensor you are having difficulty with has paired with previously and delete/forget/remove it from that app interface. Since this step will vary by app, consult the app developer if additional help is needed. 

  2. Open the iOS settings app from the Home Screen as shown below.
    IMG_0061.png image1.png

  3. Forget the sensor in the Bluetooth section.
    image3.png image4.png

  4. Toggle Bluetooth off within the Bluetooth section of the Settings app. Doing this outside the Settings app (like from the Control Center) may not fully disable Bluetooth.
    bt_off.png IMG_3964.PNG
  5. Turn off your phone. While it powers down, reset your sensor by removing the battery and reinserting it upside down for 10 seconds. Then reinsert the battery in the correct orientation and power your phone back on.  

  6. Turn on Bluetooth again via the iOS Settings menu and open the Wahoo app.

  7. Make sure the sensor is on, awake, and illuminated (if applicable), then navigate to the Home > My Sensors page in the Wahoo app and choose (+) or Pair Sensor. Select your sensor from the list to save/pair it.
    c-home-crop-sm.png c-sensors-add-crop-sm.png c-sensorsearch-crop-sm.png c-sensorsaved-crop-sm.png
Still unable to pair? Check that your sensor is transmitting a Bluetooth signal by downloading the free LightBlue Explorer app from the Apple App Store. Make sure your sensor is on, awake, and illuminated (if applicable), then open the app to find if it's listed. 
If your sensor remains unlisted for longer than a few minutes, please contact support.
If your sensor is listed in the LightBlue Explorer app but you're still unable to pair, try the above steps again, as this is indicative of an app / phone settings issue rather than the trainer or other sensor as the cause.

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