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KICKR SNAP Firmware Updates



This page contains firmware update notes for the new  KICKR SNAP with external LEDs pictured above.



KICKR SNAP '17 Firmware v2.3.63 - 7 November 2018

  • Added: support for sending KICKR CLIMB status (current tilt and locked/unlocked mode) to third party apps via ANT+



KICKR SNAP '17 Firmware v2.3.61 - 27 June 2018

  • Improved optical calibration for better functionality in various lighting conditions
  • KICKR CLIMB support added



KICKR SNAP '17 Firmware v2.3.59 - 4 October 2017

  • Brake model: recalculating brake strength from raw spindown results to allow for updating the brake strength model.
  • Brake model: improved brake strength model
  • FE-C: fixed error causing FE-C to send raw instead of filtered power as instantaneous power
  • Fixed 3rd Party Power meter support