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How do I Pair the CLIMB to my Trainer?

To pair the KICKR CLIMB with your KICKR or SNAP smart trainer:

  1. Ensure KICKR CLIMB and KICKR or KICKR SNAP are plugged in and powered on with the CLIMB’s blue LED illuminated.
  2. Press and hold the center lock mode button on the KICKR CLIMB remote for 3 seconds until the center white LED flashes steadily.
  3. Hold the CLIMB's remote near the KICKR or KICKR SNAP until the center white LED flashes quickly, then turns solid. The center white LED remains illuminated and solid while connected and successfully paired to the smart trainer.

You're ready to go! You can now use your KICKR CLIMB with any compatible app.


Note: the KICKR CLIMB always starts (and wakes) in locked (AKA manual control) mode  to prevent it from moving unexpectedly. Tap the center lock button on the KICKR CLIMB to enable unlocked mode (indicated by the remote's blue LED moving from the locked side to the unlocked side) for control through any app that sends grade data to your smart trainer.

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