1. On your Profile page in the ELEMNT Companion App select “Linked Accounts”
  2. Authorize your Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks Account - this will automatically sync the next five days and the previous day of planned workouts to your ELEMNT.
  3. Next, select the Settings page in the companion app and select a WiFi network.
  4. Power ON your ELEMNT and connect your ELEMNT to WiFi (if not already connected).
  5. Using your ELEMNT, hit the top Left Menu Button and Scroll to “Planned Workouts”
  6. Press the Sync button.
  7. Your Planned Workouts will automatically download to the ELEMNT via WiFi.
  8. Once downloaded, you can access your Planned Workout Calendar on the ELEMNT via the Planned Workouts page
  9. Scroll through workout options with the up/down buttons.
  10. You can select a workout by pressing the middle button on the ELEMNT