How do I set up planned workouts on my ELEMNT?

  1. Make sure your Companion App and ELEMNT are on the most recent versions.  This will ensure you receive the 5 preloaded structured workouts from Wahoo Fitness.

  2. On your Profile page in the ELEMNT Companion App select “Linked Accounts” and authenticate your TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan account. (Note, the FTP tests and workouts from Team Sky will be preloaded on your ELEMNT)

  3. Power ON your ELEMNT and connect your ELEMNT to WiFi (if not already connected).

  4. Using your ELEMNT, scroll to the Planned Workouts page via the menu (power button).

  5. Press the Sync button.

  6. Your Planned Workouts will automatically download to the ELEMNT via WiFi.