Why isn't my ELEMNT MINI connecting to the ELEMNT app?

Please try unpairing the ELEMNT MINI:


  1. First remove the ELEMNT MINI from your phone’s Bluetooth settings by
  2. Open the settings app on your mobile device
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Locate the ELEMNT MINI in the list of "My Devices"
  5. Select the lower case "i" to the right of the ELEMNT MINI
  6. Select "Forget This Device"
  7. Once this is complete please open the ELEMNT Companion app.  Within the ELEMNT Companion app press the Settings button
  8. Select "Forget Phone" then select "Pair"

iOS updates: Unpairing your ELEMNT MINI after an iOS update might be required to re-establish a new pairing.


Forget phone and pair again from the ELEMNT MINI’s settings page