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How to Connect the GymConnect RetroFit to the RunFit app

The GymConnect RetroFit module can be connected to the Wahoo RunFit app to track and record data from your fitness equipment. Follow these instructions to connect the module to the RunFit app.

Open the RunFit app. Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.


Select the workout type. If using a treadmill, select Run/Walk. If using an Elliptical, Cardio Bike, AMT, or any other compatible equipment, select Cardio.


Tap Location and make sure it is set to Indoors.

IMG_2252.PNG               IMG_2253.PNG

Select Connect to Treadmill and choose the QR Code option.

IMG_2254.PNG               IMG_2255.PNG

Use the camera on your device to capture the QR code. Once captured, the Module will be paired to the RunFit app.


Start the workout on the Fitness Equipment and data will show on the RunFit app.


When your workout is complete, stop the workout on the Fitness Equipment and then choose to end the workout.


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