How to Update Firmware on Wahoo Sensors

The procedure to update firmware is the same for all Wahoo Sensors including the TICKR, TICKR X, TICKR Fit, RPM Speed, RPM Cadence, and BLUE SC. Firmware updates require a WiFi internet connection to your mobile device.

To perform a firmware update on a new (never-paired) sensor:

  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS or Android. If already downloaded, be sure to check for updates in the app store.

  2. Complete new user registration and fill out your personal profile, or login to your Wahoo Cloud account.

  3. Power on and/or wake your sensor (by shaking for RPMs or touching the contact points for TICKR), ensuring the LED lights flash, then follow the prompts to pair or link sensors, then add a new sensor.

  4. Select Setup Wizard to set up your new sensor.

  5. The Setup Wizard will let you know if a firmware update is available - simply select Install Update to begin!

To perform a firmware update on a sensor that's already paired:

  1. On the workout page, a red dot appears on sensors requiring an update. Tap the blue box to open the sensor details.

  2. The sensor details page will then show the option to Update Firmware.

  3. Once the firmware is updated, a prompt appears to toggle Bluetooth off and back on. After toggling Bluetooth, your sensor is ready to go!

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