Using a Power Meter with the ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM

The ELEMNT BOLT has the capability to pair with most 3rd party power meters and display your power data in real time. Pairing your power meter is the same simple process as pairing your other sensors. Due to the lack of standard Bluetooth® protocols, we strongly recommend pairing your power via an ANT+ connection.


Once paired, the ELEMNT BOLT has 75 different data fields to display the data from your power meter. You can set up the data fields displayed on your ELEMNT BOLT by doing the following:

  • On the Settings page of the Companion App, scroll down to Sensors & Data.
  • Tap the arrow next to the page you would like to customize or choose "ADD CUSTOM PAGE".
  • Tap any data field you would like to change.
  • Scroll down to Power and choose what data you would like displayed in the field.

The ELEMNT BOLT is able to pair with most types and brands of power meters that broadcast using standard ANT+ protocols. We have not been able to test all brands and models, but below is a partial list of known power meters that will work with your ELEMNT BOLT:

  • Crank: Stages, Quark, 4iiii, SRM, Power2Max, Pioneer*
  • Pedal: Powertap P1
  • Hub: Powertap
  • Other: Velocomp

*The Pioneer Power Meter transmits in two modes: ANT+ and private-ANT.  You must be transmitting in ANT+ mode in order for the ELEMNT BOLT to receive power data. The mode is changed by pressing the button on the Pioneer power meter just below the battery.


The ELEMNT BOLT will receive any data broadcast over standard ANT+ protocol by your power meter. In most cases, all data will be received automatically. For power meters that broadcast cadence data, you may need to pair the power meter as both a power source and a cadence sensor.


The ELEMNT BOLT also has the ability to send a calibration command to your power meter.  For more information, please see How do I Calibrate a Power Meter with the ELEMNT BOLT?

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