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Using a Power Meter with ELEMNT or BOLT

The ELEMNT and BOLT can pair with most ANT+ enabled power meters to display power data in real time. Pairing a power meter follows the same process as pairing other sensors. Because of the variations and historical changes to Bluetooth, we strongly recommend pairing power meters via ANT+ as described here.


Once paired, the ELEMNT and BOLT have 75 different data fields to display power meter data. Data fields can be added following these steps:

  1. On the Settings page of the ELEMNT Companion App, scroll to Sensors & Data
  3. Tap the arrow next to the page you would like to customize or choose ADD CUSTOM PAGE
  4. Tap any data field you would like to change
  5. Scroll down to Power and choose the data you would like displayed


Though it is not possible to test all power meter brands and models, known compatible power meters are listed below:

  • Crank: Stages, Quarq, 4iiii, SRM, Power2Max, Pioneer
  • Pedal: Powertap P1, Favero Assomia
  • Hub: Powertap


Known incompatible power meters are listed here:

  • SRM PM6


The ELEMNT will typically receive all data broadcast over ANT+ by your power meter automatically. However, some power meters broadcasting cadence data may need to pair twice, once as a power source and once as a cadence sensor.


The ELEMNT also has the ability to send calibration commands to your power meter.  To find out more, see our article on power meter calibration




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