Connecting ELEMNT BOLT to WiFi

The ELEMNT requires access to a WiFi connection in order to perform automatic workout uploads, complete firmware updates, download routes, and sync Strava segments. You can set up your WIFI connection on the Settings page of the Companion App.

  • Scroll down to WIFI and select "WIFI NETWORK".
  • Select the network from the list and enter the password if the network is secured.

You will get a WIFI connection successful message on your ELEMNT the first time the connection is made. It's important to note that this enables your ELEMENT to connect to the WIFI network, which will now happen even if it isn't connected to the Companion App.


WIFI Issues

If you are unable to get your ELEMNT to join a particular WIFI network, check the following:

  • The ELEMNT can only connect on WIFI Channels 1-11. Most WIFI routers use the AUTO setting for selecting a channel and this works fine for the ELEMNT. If you have your network set to a specific channel, ensure it is set from 1-11.
  • You will not be able to use the ELEMNT on a WIFI network that requires a splash page to connect (802.1x EAP networks). These are often found in hotels, restaurants, and airports and require you to authenticate or or accept terms before allowing you to connect.
  • You are able to connect the ELEMNT to a mobile hotspot, however you will not be able to connect to the hotspot created by the phone the ELEMNT is paired to.
  • ELEMNT/BOLT only supports connecting to 2.4GHz wireless networks.
    If a 5GHz network is present, that will not cause a problem (unless an attempt is made to connect to the 5GHz wireless network).