Sharing Workouts from the ELEMNT

After a workout has been completed with the ELEMNT, you can share your workouts to many 3rd party apps. To set up sharing accounts, navigate to the Profile page in the Companion App. Select "LINKED ACCOUNTS" and then use your login information to authorize any accounts you wish. The ELEMNT will now share to linked accounts automatically in one of three ways.


Companion App

Once a ride is completed, the ELEMNT searches for a connection to the Companion App to upload the route into your Results. After the workout has finished uploading to the Companion App, it is automatically pushed to any authorized 3rd party apps.



Once a ride is completed, the ELEMNT searches for a WIFI connection to upload the workout to any 3rd party apps. As soon as the WIFI connection is made, the workouts are automatically pushed.


Manual Sharing

If the workout doesn't share automatically to your authorized 3rd party apps, you can manually share a workout. Select the workout from the Results page in the Companion App. Tap the Sharing icon in the top right and select any 3rd party apps to share with.  Once the workout has been shared, the app icon will have a green check mark to show it is complete.

Automatic Uploading of Workouts to Third Party Share Sites

Either the ELEMNT/BOLT or the ELEMNT companion app for iOS/Android are able to automatically upload workouts to share sites.


Understanding Automatic Uploads:

- If the ELEMNT is connected to the ELEMNT companion app, then the companion app will automatically share the workout to your selected share sites.
- If the ELEMNT is not connected to the ELEMNT companion app and the workout is finished within range of a saved wireless network, then the ELEMNT will perform the automatic sharing of the workout file to your selected share sites.

How to prevent duplicate uploads to share sites:
- Some share sites have automatic duplicate workout filtering
- Users logged into the Wahoo Cloud will benefit from Wahoo's duplicate workout upload functionality.

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