Are the RPM Speed and Cadence Sensors compatible with Spin Bikes?

RPM Cadence

The RPM Cadence sensor can be used with any spin bike using a compatible mounting option (instructions here).

RPM Speed

The RPM Speed sensor is not compatible with most spin bikes.


The RPM Speed Sensor is designed to mount around the hub of a bicycle wheel. It measures the rotational speed of the wheel and multiplies it by the wheel size to determine speed. Most spin bikes use a solid flywheel to simulate the resistance, making the RPM Speed Sensor difficult (if not impossible) to properly mount, in the proper orientation around the hub.


Additionally, even if the RPM Speed Sensor is properly mounted, the rotational speed of the spin bike flywheel is unlikely to directly equate to a standard road wheel. With that in mind, though it may sometimes be possible to receive some speed data from a spin bike, challenges remain in calculating proper wheel circumference for accurate data. For these reasons, RPM Speed Sensor use with spin bikes is not recommended or supported.

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