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Signal Dropouts on the KICKR or KICKR SNAP

If you find that your wattage is fluctuating - dropping to zero and/or spiking - it's likely that your app isn't receiving data due to signal receiving interference. As signal interference and dropouts aren't a problem with the KICKR, but a problem with the setup/environment, this is an issue we are unable to fix (as much as we wish we could!). While we can't solve this on our end, we've included the most common causes for interference and dropouts that we've seen so you can try going through a process of elimination and find the issue.


Here are the most common causes we see for dropouts:

If connecting the KICKR to another device or app immediately after use, we recommend the KICKR be unplugged for 30 seconds. This resets the KICKR. If this is not done, the KICKR can hang onto the last command sent by the previous app (or device) and impair the KICKR from functioning properly.

Physical distance: We highly recommend keeping your device and KICKR less than 5 feet apart.

Wireless signal interference: This includes any devices that transmit wireless signals or electromagnetic fields. See our example list at the bottom of the article.

Fans: These generate an electromagnetic field around them that can block signals if located between your device and the KICKR. Position it so it's not in a direct line or near either one of these.

Physical barriers: Any object that obscures line of sight from your device to the KICKR can cause dropouts. Try to keep a clear path.

Other devices that can cause interference:

  • Microwave ovens 
  • Direct Satellite Services (the coaxial cables and connectors can cause interference) 
  • Power sources (includes power lines or a breaker box in a wall) 
  • Cordless telephones 
  • Wireless video transmitters (e.g. Chromecast, AirPlay, etc.) 
  • Wireless speakers, Wireless mouse, keyboard 
  • Certain external monitors and LCD displays 
  • Any devices that use a cable to connect to a computer or power source 
  • Anything else that transmits a wireless signal, from routers to baby monitors

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