ANT+ power meter trainer control with the Wahoo app

When using a Wahoo smart trainer (KICKR, MOVE, CORE, or SNAP) you can use the Wahoo app to link your pedal or crank based ANT+ power meter to your trainer you can use your ANT+ power meter to control the resistance of your trainer. In order for this to work, you will need to know the 5 digit ANT+ ID of your power meter.

Identify your power meter's ANT+ ID.

If the power meter also can connects via Bluetooth (like our POWRLINK Zero pedals) , you can see this in the Wahoo app > My Sensors > power meter > Sensor InformationANT+ ID

If not, it is often listed on the power meter itself.


Enable the Feature

  1. Ensure the KICKR is plugged in and awake (by pedaling a few revolutions).
  2. Open the Wahoo Fitness app to the Devices tab and select your trainer.
  3. Once fully connected, scroll down to Control w/ANT+ power meter and toggle it on.
  4. Enter your power meter's 5 digit ANT+ ID and select OK.
wad-home-devicesselected-300.png CORE-sensordrawer-highlight-crop-sm.png core-controlwantpm-enabled-300.png
core-controlwantpm-specifyANT+-300.png blanktrans300x600.png blanktrans300x600.png


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