KICKR and SNAP Troubleshooting with Zwift

Zwift is a 3rd Party application that pairs with your KICKR, SNAP, or CORE to create a real-world riding experience in a virtual environment. If you're experiencing issues with Zwift, start by testing your trainer using the Wahoo Fitness app first to ensure proper functionality. Should you encounter problems in the Wahoo app, please contact Wahoo support. If your trainer works properly in the Wahoo Fitness app, please contact Zwift Support for additional help.

For general Zwift setup and operating questions, check out the TitaniumGeek Zwift User Manual.


KICKR and SNAP Basic Troubleshooting


Connectivity Troubleshooting

  • Wahoo trainers work best when paired to only one app and device. Close all additional apps (on all nearby devices) capable of connecting to the KICKR. Most apps are capable of running in the background on the device and can continue to connect to the KICKR, causing interference with other apps when conflicting commands are sent.
  • Unless using the iOS version of Zwift (which connects to the KICKR via Bluetooth 4.0), an ANT+ connection to the KICKR will be be required for Zwift (PC or Mac).


Power and Resistance Troubleshooting

  • If you find that your wattage is fluctuating - dropping to zero and/or spiking - it's likely that you're experiencing ANT+ signal interference. Like other wireless signals, ANT+ operates over a 2.4 GHz frequency. This means anything transmitting over that frequency can also interfere with ANT+. Check out the Zwift support article on ANT+ Signal Drops.
  • Ensure your trainer is paired to Zwift using the "FEC" option as a controllable trainer and power source.
  • Always use an USB extension cable with Zwift to extend your ANT+ adapter closer to your trainer. These can be purchased through Wahoo Fitness (with ANT+ adapter) or Zwift.


If these steps still don't resolve your issue, check out the Zwift Support article on KICKR Troubleshooting. You can also Submit a Request to our Support Team or the Zwift Support Team.