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What are the functions of the Di2 hood buttons when paired to the ELEMNT BOLT?

Note: Shimano D-Fly is required to pair Di2 with the ELEMNT. Other supported electronic shifters include SRAM eTap, Campagnolo EPS, and FSA K-Force WE.

When paired with the ELEMNT BOLT, the Di2 hood buttons can be used to perform the same functions as the buttons on the ELMENT BOLT itself. The long and short presses of the left and right hood buttons correspond with the following buttons on the ELEMNT BOLT:

Quickly pressing the left hood button is identical to pressing the left button on your ELEMENT BOLT.


Quickly pressing the right hood button is identical to pressing the right button on your ELEMENT BOLT.



Long press or hold the left hood button to press the up menu toggle button. Long press or hold the right hood button to press the down menu toggle button.


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