What Are the Functions of the Di2 Hood Buttons When Paired to an ELEMNT?

Supported Electronic Shifters:

  • Shimano Di2




When paired with the ELEMNT, Shimano Di2 and other electronic shifter hood buttons can act as buttons on your ELMENT. For help getting your electronic shifter paired with the ELEMNT, follow the instructions in Is the ELEMNT Compatible with Electronic Shifting?


Quickly pressing the left hood button is identical to pressing the left button on your ELEMENT BOLT.


Quickly pressing the right hood button is identical to pressing the right button on your ELEMENT BOLT.



Long press or hold the left hood button to press the up menu toggle button. Long press or hold the right hood button to press the down menu toggle button.



If your Di2 hood buttons are not functioning properly, it could be due to button customization in the Shimano E-Tube App as the ELEMNT and BOLT are designed to work with the default settings. Make sure that the buttons do not already have a function designated to them, essentially leaving them open. The left hood button should be configured for ch. 1 and the right hood button should be configured to ch. 2. You can reset the Di2 button configuration with the Shimano E-Tube App to restore functionality.

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