Set wheel circumference for a Speed or Speed/Cadence Sensor in the Wahoo or ELEMNT App

Customize or set the wheel circumference for a speed or speed+cadence sensor in the Wahoo app for iOS or Android or for the ELEMNT app for iOS or Android for optimal speed and distance accuracy with these steps:

1. With your sensor paired and actively connected to the app, navigate to the paired RPM SPEED sensor page:
In the Wahoo App -- Home > My Sensors > Wahoo Speed XXXX or 
In the ELEMNT app -- Settings > Sensors > Wahoo Speed XXXX


2. Select Wheel Circumference.


3. Enter your bike's wheel circumference under Custom Size or select a from the list. You can explore more tire sizes in our Tire Size Chart


4. The wheel circumference will be set for all Workout Profiles associated with the sensor. 

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