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How/when do I perform a spindown calibration on the KICKR Snap?

To calibrate your Snap we use a very simple spindown procedure. The spindown serves one main function: to determine the power required to overcome friction in the bearings, belt, and roller. For the Snap, we recommend performing a spindown at the start of every workout.

Before performing the spindown, you will need to make sure you bike is set up correctly.  Setup includes securing the bike, inflating the tire, and tightening the roller.  Instructions can be found HERE.

In order to perform a spindown you must be running an app or program that has this enabled. Calibrating with the Wahoo Fitness app is described below; however, programs like Trainer Road, Kinomap, and many more support this feature, making the process even simpler!

If using ANT+, a spindown can be performed using the Wahoo Fitness app, however, your KICKR must have a version of firmware that supports ANT+ control. For more information on updating your firmware please read: How do I update the firmware on my KICKR?


Using the Wahoo Fitness App:

  1. Download the free Wahoo Fitness app from the app store and open the app.
  2. Select "Sensors".
  3. Add/pair your KICKR.
  4. Once paired, select the KICKR from the menu of saved sensors.
  5. Scroll down and select "Spindown" from the menu.
  6. Select "Perform Spindown" and follow the instructions in the app.


  1. Start a new KICKR workout.
  2. Select the Sensor icon in the top left corner.
  3. Select the Spindown function which will appear to the right of the KICKR listing in the list of linked sensors. It will appear as a crossed hammer and spanner.
  4. Select "Perform Spindown" and follow the Spindown instructions in the app.

After the spindown procedure is complete, you're ready to ride!

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