Pair Sensors to ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM

The ELEMNT, BOLT, and ROAM are able to pair to almost any Bluetooth or ANT+ sensor to provide additional data including:

  • Speed sensors
  • Cadence sensors
  • Speed/Cadence sensors
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Power meters
  • Electronic Shifters
  • ANT+ Radar sensors
  • Muscle oxygen sensors

Pairing directly on the ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM

Your ELEMNT will pair directly with both Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors.  For dual band sensors, the ELEMNT will select the preferred network automatically. 

To pair a sensor:

  1. Ensure the sensor is awake and near the computer.
  2. Navigate to the Menu page (tap left side button).
  3. Scroll down to Add Sensor (using right side buttons), and select Add (middle button).
  4. Select Save (middle button) once the correct sensor displays.


    r2-savespeed-r300.png blanktrans300x400.png
  5. If a different sensor is displayed that you do not wish to pair, select More (right button), then scroll and Select the sensor type.  If the correct sensor is still not present, select Back multiple times.
    r2-savemore-r300.png r2-savesensortypes-r300.png r2-savesensorselect-r300.png
  6. If a new sensor has a data type not already present on your pages (cadence, power, electronic shifting) select Yes to add any associated data fields to your computer's pages, or No to keep your current page layout unchanged. You can always modify the page layouts later.


Pairing using the ELEMNT App

The ELEMNT App can also be used to pair sensors. 

To pair a sensor:

  1. Ensure your ELEMNT is paired to the ELEMNT app.
  2. Navigate to the Settings page and then scroll down to and select Set up sensors.
  3. Hold the device near the sensor and select the sensor based on signal strength, description, or ANT+ ID.
  4. Select the sensor you wish to pair and then confirm the pairing.
    bica-settings-setupsensors-300.png bica-settings-sensors-addnewspeed-300.png bica-settings-addnewspeed-confirm-300.png


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