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Why am I not getting notifications on my ELEMNT?

With notifications enabled, you should receive an alert for the following:

  • iOS - Calls, Texts, and Emails
  • Android - Calls and Texts

In order to receive notifications, you must have your ELEMNT paired to your phone via Bluetooth. If you are still not receiving notifications as expected, check the following:

  • On the settings page of the Companion app, check the ELEMNT status at the top of the page.  Verify the ELEMNT is Connected and Up to Date.
  • On the Settings page of the Companion app, scroll down to the Alerts section.  Ensure the toggles for all notifications you wish to receive are on. If the issue continues, toggle each off and then back on.
  • Ensure all notifications you are expecting to receive are being received by the apps native to the device.  You will not receive alerts for messages and emails received by third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.
  • Verify notifications for your device's native apps are set to enabled.  These can usually be found on your phone under Settings > Notifications.
  • Messages cannot be received by multiple devices. Please ensure you aren't using another Bluetooth device (such as an Apple Watch, or Garmin Vivoactive) that is set to receive messages. If so, disable messaging on the other device to receive messages on your ELEMNT.
  • (iOS) If the issue persists, please forget the ELEMNT from phones Bluetooth settings (also remove any duplicate Bolt pairings) and ELEMNT companion app app -> pair again the Bolt back to the companion app (you will receive a pop-up requesting permission to pair the ELEMNT back to your phone BT > authorize). Restart phone.
  • (iOS) Please verify notifications are appearing in your iOS notifications center. This is required in order for the messages to be received by the ELEMNT. If you do not see the message in the iOS notifications center, please check your iOS setting. This would also be a sign the messages are being received by another device.

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