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My TICKR isn't displaying the correct data, what can I do?

Most issues with your TICKR can be resolved by completing each of the following steps:

* Replace the battery

* Try restarting your phone, make sure you close out of all open apps before trying to reconnect again.

* Wipe the pod with a moist cloth and then hand wash the belt well with soap and water as sweat and dirt buildup can cause connection errors.

* Make sure the HRM is being worn snugly across the chest to ensure a good connection, if the monitor moves or slip it may disrupt the connection. Also, make sure the electrodes are moist when you put the strap on.

* Try resetting the TICKR. To do this:

          1- Remove the battery
          2- Flip the battery upside down and reinstall
          3- Leave battery installed upside down for 3 seconds
          4- Remove the battery and reinstall correctly
          5- Place the battery cover back on

* While the battery is removed please pull up gently on the connector, sometimes these get pushed down and don't form a strong connection with the battery.


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