Best Bike Split FAQ for ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM

How do I connect Best Bike Split to my Wahoo ELEMNT?

  1. Open the ELEMNT app on your mobile device
  2. Select the Profile tab and then Authorized / Connected apps.
  3. Select the Best Bike Split icon.
  4. Enter your Best Bike Split email and password.
  5. Select Authorize Account
  6. Your account is now linked and BBS Races and Courses will be synced to the ELEMNT once connected to the app.


How do I select a BBS race plan on the ELEMNT before or during a race?

  1. Navigate to the Map page.
  2. Select ROUTE or .. > ROUTE (left front button).
  3. Scroll to the BBS race and select SELECT (middle button)
  4. To review your Power/Speed Targets select ROUTE (left front button) or press START from any page to begin.

*If you are at the beginning of the race the Initial Power and Speed Targets will appear in the data fields Target Power and Target Speed. If you are already on the course the ELEMNT will find where you are on the course and display the proper targets for your position. Some examples of our preferred ELEMNT screen layouts are shown below.


How do I run a BBS race simulation with the ELEMNT and KICKR?

  1. Turn on the ELEMNT.
  2. Make sure it's paired with a KICKR.
  3. Press the PAGE button till the KICKR page is displayed.
  4. Press the MODE button until Simulate Course appears.
  5. Select the BBS race plan you would like to simulate.
  6. Review your route from the BBS race page or navigate to a new page to start.
  7. Select START.

How do I get Target Power and Target Speed data fields on my ELEMNT?

  1. ELEMNT pages are set up using the ELEMNT app on your mobile phone.
  2. Open the ELEMNT app on your mobile device and ensure the ELEMNT computer is paired.
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  5. Select the PAGE(s) where you would like to add TARGET POWER and/or TARGET SPEED or create a CUSTOM PAGE
  6. Within a PAGE, select the data field you would like to replace or select ADD DATA FIELD
  7. On the SELECT FIELDS page, select Route target and then Target Power* or Target Speed.

*Take care, as there is also a Target Power field found under Planned Workout > Target Power, and this will not provide data.

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