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How to Update Wahoo Smart Trainer Firmware (iOS)

This page describes how to update firmware from an iOS device. For Android devices, see How to Update Wahoo Smart Trainer Firmware (Android).
Note: the Wahoo Smart Trainer firmware can only be updated from iOS and Android devices. 


Wahoo updates your KICKR's firmware (a kind of software) frequently to deliver the best indoor training experience possible. Ensuring you have the latest firmware resolves many issues, keeping you cranking and on the podium.



  • Bluetooth® enabled iOS device on iOS 9.0 or newer
  • Active internet access over WiFi
  • The Wahoo Fitness app for iOS
  • A KICKR that is not connected to any additional apps or devices (ensure apps are not running in the background)


Update Steps:

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled in your iOS settings and that your device is within 5 feet of the KICKR, then follow these steps to pair your KICKR:

  1. Open the Wahoo Fitness app and ensure your KICKR is plugged in and powered on

  2. Select “Sensors” in the bottom left corner
  3. Select “Add New Sensor”

  4. Choose your KICKR from the list of available sensors

  5. Once certain you are connected to the correct sensor, select “Save Sensor,” choose the workout profiles you would like your KICKR to be active for (ex. Indoor Cycling), then tap “Done" in the upper left corner.

Upon establishing a connection with your KICKR, the Wahoo Fitness app will determine if your KICKR's firmware is out of date. If an update is required, the app will then give you the option to update.


Click "Update Now" and leave your device near the KICKR until the update is complete. 


Once the update is finished, we recommend toggling Bluetooth® of and back on to refresh the connection.


Your Wahoo KICKR is now updated to the latest firmware and ready to ride!


If issues updating persist, please take a look at our signal interference article to eliminate possible conflicts with other devices and try again.



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