KICKR SNAP Smart Trainer Information and Setup

This page applies to the newest KICKR SNAP released in 2017
 KICKR CLIMB support and LED indicator lights next to the flywheel, as pictured below.

Please contact support for questions on older versions.


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Wahoo Fitness App

The Wahoo Fitness app keeps your trainer up to date and leverages your smartphone to record basic workout information, delivering data-driven power that fuels your training and fitness goals. Get the app now to register your KICKR and get cranking.



Product Information



    KICKR SNAP is designed to work with the Wahoo Fitness app which supports devices running iOS 12 and newer.


    KICKR SNAP is designed to work with the Wahoo Fitness app which supports most Bluetooth® compliant Android devices running Android version 6.0 or newer.

    Note: Since Android devices vary widely, compatibility cannot be assured for all devices. Please download and install the Wahoo Fitness Android app from the Google Play Store before purchasing a Wahoo Fitness product to ensure compatibility.


    KICKR SNAP supports various Windows and Mac applications with Bluetooth and/or ANT+ capabilities.

    Note: the Wahoo Fitness app (required for important firmware updates) is only available on iOS and Android mobile devices.


    KICKR SNAP is compatible with many 3rd party iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps. For a list of confirmed compatible 3rd party apps, see the chart at the end of this guide.

    • Total weight: 38 lbs (17.2kg)
    • Max User Weight: 250 lbs (113kg)
    • Power Requirements: 100-240V~ 1.5A 50-60 Hz
    • Wireless Radio: Bluetooth and ANT+
    • Resistance type: Electromagnetic
    • Accuracy: +/- 3%
    • Maximum Simulated Grade: 12%
    • Maximum Power Output: 1500 Watts
    • Wireless software updates: Yes
    • 3rd party power meter support: Yes
    • Metrics: speed, power, distance
    • Front wheel block: Included
    • Footprint (legs open): 29" x 26" (74cm x 66cm)
    • Warranty: 1 year
    1. KICKR SNAP Smart Trainer
    2. Front wheel block
    3. Quick release skewer
    4. AC power adapter (LTE60E-S2-1)*
      • Input: 100-240V~ AC
      • Output: 12V regulated DC at 5 amps
      • Max: 60W

    *Caution: use of third party power adapters not supplied by Wahoo Fitness may cause permanent damage to KICKR SNAP

  • Always keep your tire clean and free of debris to extend lifespan. KICKR SNAP itself requires minimal cleaning and maintenance if dirt or grime collects. If cleaning is needed, use a soft, moist cloth, avoiding dripping any moisture into the KICKR SNAP itself. Also avoid using strong cleaning agents as they may damage or reduce the lifespan of KICKR SNAP.



  • Download the full Wahoo KICKR SNAP Quick Start Guide as a PDF for instructions in English and other languages.

    1. KICKR SNAP comes with legs folded to minimize transportation and storage size. Select a stable, level surface with sufficient room for trainer and bike. Retain packaging for future storage or transport.

    2. Open the legs by pivoting the legs outward until fully extended.

    3. Use the included AC power adapter to connect the trainer to a standard wall outlet. Caution: use of unofficial power adapters may cause permanent damage to your KICKR SNAP

    1. Inflate the bicycle’s rear tire. For 23c road bikes, we recommend 100 - 110 PSI. For other sizes and styles, use the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.
    2. Remove your existing quick release skewer from the rear wheel of the bicycle and install the quick release skewer included with the KICKR SNAP. The lever of the quick release skewer should be installed on the non-drive side (the one without the chain and cassette) of the bicycle with the smaller ends of the springs toward the wheel. Bicycles using the 12x142mm thru axle standard require this adapter (sold separately).

    WARNING: Failure to use a Wahoo thru axle adapter or the included quick release skewer can result in personal injury or product damage.

  • Bicycles using the 12x142mm thru axle standard require this adapter (sold separately). Please see the video below for installation.

    1. Loosen the roller enough to align the KICKR SNAP’s clamping mechanism with the rear wheel’s skewer.
    2. Open the blue handle to release the clamping mechanism and align the quick release skewer with the KICKR SNAP’s clamp. The skewer’s clamp should be on the same side as the KICKR SNAP’s clamp with the roller immediately behind the rear wheel.
    3. Shut the KICKR SNAP’s clamping mechanism. It should contact the skewer when the blue handle is just over halfway closed, roughly the 4 o’clock position. When secured, the bicycle’s rear tire should be centered on the roller.
    4. If the blue clamp handle feels difficult to close, adjust the screw on the opposing side of the handle away from the bike and try again. If the clamp does not engage the bicycle securely, adjust the screw on the opposing side of the handle away from the bike and try again. When properly secured, rotate the lock ring around the screw away from the bike to lock its position in the trainer clamp. Avoid over-tightening to prevent damage.
    5. Tighten the roller against the tire. The correct roller tension to avoid tire slip is typically found at 2 full rotations of the blue knob after the roller meets the tire. If you experience slip during use, increase the tension a quarter turn of the blue knob at a time and try again.
    • Ensure the roller adjustment knob is turned 2 complete (360º) rotations once it contacts the tire
    • Check tire pressure before each ride to match the pressure recommended on the tire sidewall
    • Perform a warmup and spindown before every ride
    • Always use a slick (non-knobby) tire with the KICKR SNAP as knobs generate excessive noise and vibration
    • Use tires with a hard compound or a dedicated trainer tire to decrease wear and extend tread life
    • Tighten the roller one quarter turn (90º) if your tire consistently slips when pedaling

KICKR SNAP App Compatibility

Download the KICKR SNAP App Comparison Chart in PDF format


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