What Modes are Available to Control the KICKR, CORE, or SNAP from an ELEMNT / BOLT / ROAM?

  • Level: Select a difficulty level from 1 to 10 with a progressive resistance curve - the faster you pedal the harder it gets.

  • Resistance: Just like adjusting the brake in spin class, resistance mode allows fine-tuned direct control of brake resistance from 0 to 100%. Brake resistance remains constant regardless of speed until manually changed.

  • ERG: ERG mode allows you to set a target power wattage and increases resistance to maintain a constant power output regardless of cadence or speed. In ERG mode, there's no hiding or costing as resistance increases to maintain power output when cadence or speed drops.

  • Passive: This mode allows your ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT to be used as a mounted display when riding a smart trainer paired to a 3rd party app. The cyclocomputer displays and independently records metrics from connected sensors during a workout.

  • Route: Route mode allows you to recreate rides or simulate a route on your KICKR with support of terrain features like hills and valleys.


Complete instructions (with screenshots) are available in Controlling the KICKR and SNAP from the ELEMNT.