How do I update the ELEMNT BOLT?

For the newest update notes, see ELEMNT BOLT Firmware Updates



Using the ELEMNT BOLT by Itself


Firmware updates for the ELEMNT BOLT are installed automatically when a WiFi signal is present. Alternatively, you can manually update firmware from the settings menu as shown below.


Caution: The the ELEMNT BOLT is not designed to connect to WiFi requiring webpage-based authentication or a splash page to connect (802.1x EAP networks) like those commonly found in hotels and airports. To avoid this, perform updates only on home connections. For more info on connecting to WiFi, see Connecting the ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT to WiFi.

  • Ensure your ELEMNT BOLT is powered on, fully charged, and connected to WiFi
  • Once on the home screen, press the power button to bring up the following menu


  • Highlight "SYSTEM INFO" and press "OPEN"


  • Highlight "CHECK FOR UPDATES" and press "CHECK" - you should notice the wifi icon flash in the top center of the screen


Follow the prompts to update the firmware and it will download and install if available. Note that automatic updates are only performed prior to powering off to avoid interference with use.  



Using the Companion App


When connected to the Companion App, you will also be able to see if an update is available. On the Settings screen you will receive a red banner notification if an update is available to download and install. Follow the prompts to update the ELEMENT.