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Why isn't my Bolt pairing with the ELEMNT app?

Please try unpairing the ELEMNT Bolt:

iOS - First remove the ELEMNT Bolt from your phone’s Bluetooth settings by

- open the settings app on your mobile device

- select Bluetooth

- locate the ELEMNT in the list of "My Devices"

- select the lower case "i" to the right of the ELEMNT

- select "Forget This Device"

Once this is complete please open the Companion app.  With in the Companion app press the Settings button

- select "Forget Phone" then select "Pair"

If the issue continues, please complete a network reset on your iOS device:

- Open the Settings app
- Click on General
- Click on Reset
- Click on Reset Network Settings

A heads up: this will force you to reenter wifi passwords as it resets wifi too.

iOS updates: Unpairing your ELEMNT Bolt after an iOS update might be required to reestablish a new pairing.

Android - Forget phone and pair again from the ELEMNT Bolt’s settings page

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