How to Control KICKR or KICKR SNAP with an ELEMNT

The ELEMNT BOLT can control the KICKR or KICKR SNAP in several modes. These include Level, ERG, Resistance, and Route, Planned Workout, and Passive modes. For details on these modes, see What Are the Different Modes On My Smart Trainer? In addition to these modes, the ELEMNT BOLT also features a passive mode which records metrics on the ELEMNT BOLT while using 3rd party apps.

To control your KICKR with the ELEMNT BOLT, pair your KICKR or SNAP to the ELEMNT BOLT as if it were a sensor. Make sure your KICKR is plugged in and ready to pair, then from the ELEMENT BOLT Menu (left side button) select "Add Sensor." Find your trainer and select "Save." You should then see it listed in the sensors section of the ELEMNT BOLT Menu.

Return to the main info page via the left side button and begin pedaling. The KICKR Control Page will automatically appear on the ELEMNT BOLT shortly after pedaling starts. You can then control both Mode and resistance from this page.