What Do the Buttons Do?


  • Power/Settings Button (left side button): Use to power on/off or access the Settings menu. Easily add your sensors at any time by tapping the power button and selecting the Add a Sensor.


  • History Button (bottom left button): Use to display recent workout history and weekly report. More detailed workout information is available through the ELEMNT app when you connect to WiFi. Additionally, the History button is used to stop a workout or start a new lap during your ride.
  • Start Button (bottom center button): Use to start/pause/resume a workout, or toggle Settings menu items on/off.
  • Page Button (bottom right button): Press the ‘Page’ button to switch between workout data, climbing and navigation pages.


  • Scroll/Zoom buttons (right side up/down buttons): Use to scroll the Settings menu or quickly see more or less data by zooming in or out on any page when in a workout.