Is it possible to ride a route and use Strava Live Segments simultaneously?

Yes, you can ride a route from the following sources: GPX file, ELEMNT history, route created using Strava, or a route created using Ride with GPS AND at the same time the ELEMNT will notify and track your progress on Strava Live Segments. Please know that if you are using a Ride with GPS route with turn-by- turn notifications that the turn-by- turn notifications will take precedent over notifications of approaching Strava Live Segments to ensure you get to your destination without getting lost. This only occurs when a notification for both turn-by- turn and Strava Live Segments occur at the same time. Riders are still able to scroll to the Strava Live Segments page on the ELEMNT to view upcoming Strava Live Segments as a way to view both upcoming Segments and still receive turn-by- turn notifications.

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