How to Control My KICKR, CORE, or SNAP with the ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM?

The ELEMNT, BOLT, and ROAM can control a KICKR, CORE, or SNAP in several resistance modes (details available in What Modes are Available to Control the KICKR or SNAP from My ELEMNT or BOLT?). It is also possible to pair your trainer with a third party app to view and record metrics in passive mode.

Complete instructions and screenshots are available in Controlling the KICKR and SNAP from the ELEMNT.

Simply pair your KICKR/CORE/SNAP to the ELEMNT like any sensor (instructions here), then exit the settings menu using the left side button and begin pedaling to find the KICKR Control Page displayed on the ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM. The KICKR Control Page enables
mode and resistance control of the KICKR/CORE/SNAP directly from your handlebars. 

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