How do I set up Strava Live Segments on my ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM?



  1. In the Strava App, star the Live Segments you'd like to ride by navigating to
    More [ ] > Segment Explorer > choose segment > ☆ > ★

  2. On the Profile page of the ELEMNT Companion App select Linked Accounts

  3. Choose Strava and authenticate using your Strava username and password

  4. Ensure your ELEMNT is paired to the companion app (instructions here), then ensure the ELEMNT is connected to WiFi (navigate to Settings > WiFi Network; further instructions here)

  5. Once complete, back on the Settings page, select  Strava Live Segments. On first open, you may see a prompt to ensure your Strava account is premium. If so, return to Settings and select Strava Live Segments once more to find the following screen:
  6. Make sure ENABLE LIVE SEGMENTS is selected along with any other desired options

  7. Your starred Strava Live Segments will automatically download to the ELEMNT via WiFi. A manual sync can also be performed from the ELEMNT itself by navigating to the Live Segment page and pressing SYNC.

  8. Live segments will now appear whenever the ELEMNT is within GPS range of a synced segment's start. Results are uploaded to Strava and shown in the app the next time the ELEMNT itself connects to the internet via WiFi (see help and instructions here).


Additional information is also available in Strava Support's article Strava Live Segments on Wahoo Devices (Premium)

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