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Sensors & Data

  • Customize Page:Using the ELEMNT companion app, you can reconfigure the existing workout pages or configure up to 5 personalized workout pages to be displayed on your ELEMNT. Here you can add customize your workout pages, add/remove data fields, and add data fields

To customize your ELEMNT display:

  1. Ensure the ELEMNT is powered on and nearby.
  2. Open the Settings menu in the companion app.
  3. In the Sensors & Data menu, open the customize pages tab.
  4. Toggle each desired workout page on or off for display on the ELEMNT.

To reconfigure a workout page:

  1. Select a workout page to edit.
  2. Tap to change or drag to reorder the data displayed as per your preference.

To configure a new workout page:

  1. Select Add Custom Page.
  2. Name the new page when prompted and select Done to proceed.
  3. Tap to select 10 data fields to be displayed.

To delete a workout page:

  1. Select Edit or swipe left to nominate screens to be deleted.
  2. Select Delete to confirm.

NOTE: The default workout pages cannot be deleted.

To restore workout pages to default:

  1. Select Reset Pages.
  2. Select Reset when prompted to return all pages to the default setting.
    • Set Up Sensors: Add a sensor via Bluetooth. The ELEMNT will automatically try to connect when you hold your compatible sensor nearby. Use sensors with the ELEMNT companion app to collect & display more data during your workout. If you have additional sensors like a power meter or heart rate monitor, you can add a new sensor by opening the Sensors tab. The ELEMNT companion app will automatically begin to search for compatible sensors, just make sure your sensor is awake and nearby. Saved sensors will be displayed in the Sensors menu. To forget a sensor, simply press on the sensor to delete, and select Forget Sensor to confirm.


  • Location & Maps
    • Manage Maps: Manually add, remove and update map packs on your ELEMNT. You will need a WiFi connection to download maps.
    • Live Track: Enables live tracking. Anyone with access to the link can see your location as you ride. Toggle Live Tracking on to enable those with access privileges to see your location. You will need to login or create a Wahoo Fitness cloud account to enable Live Tracking. If enabled, share the link provided with anyone you wish to see your location during your ride.
    • Auto Share Live Track Link- Automatically share your ride location with family and friends every time you start a ride. You can set up an Auto Share function on your ELEMNT so that your friends and family will know your location each time you ride. Simply toggle the preferred method of communication and authorize the use of Twitter or nominate which email addresses are to be notified and the ELEMNT will do the rest.
    • Always Rotate Map: By enabling this, the map will always rotate so you are always heading towards the top of the display. 
    • Strava Live Segments: Configure Live Segments settings such as automatic page change, live segment notifications on other pages, and LED use while in Strava mode.


  • Ride
    • Auto Pause: Enables auto pause to pause your ride when stopped. Set as On for default, the Auto Pause function is used to prevent workout data from being recorded during periods of inactivity. Workout recording will resume automatically with detectable activity. Turn this function Off if all information, including inactivity, is to be recorded.
    • Auto Lap: Enables auto lap to mark laps in your workout files at particular thresholds. These thresholds can be set by distance or time. Set as Off for default, the Auto Lap function can be set to a given distance or time depending on your preferences.
    • Backlight: Set as Off for default, the backlight can be adjusted to be turned on for 5 seconds at a time, or always on to improve visibility.


  • WiFi
    • WiFi Network: Configure your Wifi network and password.The ELEMNT requires access to a Wifi connection in order to perform automatic workout uploads, firmware updates and download routes. Access to Wifi is essential for proper functioning of the ELEMNT.
    • Automatic Upload: Toggle On to enable automatic upload of all rides to authorised websites whenever ELEMNT is in Wifi range.
  • Alerts
    • Phone Calls: Enables phone notifications while riding.
    • Messages: Enables message notifications while riding.
    • Email: Enables email notifications while riding.
    • Do Not Disturb: Disables all notifications while riding.
  • Info
    • Displays ELEMNT ID, companion app ID, and gives you the option to pair your ELEMNT


Unpairing for iOS Users:

Selecting UNPAIR ELEMNT from the companion app while the ELEMNT is still connected will bring up a prompt recognising that the ELEMNT is still connected to the iPhone and will ask whether you would like to pair again (does not require a QR code). Accept, and the ELEMNT will pair to the companion app.

Alternatively, you may completely remove the ELEMNT and begin again:

  1. On the ELEMNT, open the Settings menu and select Forget Phone. This will forget the phone and cause the ELEMNT to reboot and return to the default workout screen. (If you have the companion app open, you may notice during this time that the ELEMNT companion app will say that it is searching.)
  2. Open the ELEMNT Settings menu again, and select Pair Phone. A QR code will be displayed.
  3. Open the companion app and select Unpair ELEMNT (either from the Settings menu, or displayed on screen if the companion app is already open). The companion app will recommend you also remove the pairing from the iPhone Bluetooth menu* and then prompt you to scan the QR code displayed on the ELEMNT.
  4. Hold the ELEMNT up to the phone camera to scan the QR code.
  5. A prompt will appear on the companion app requesting to pair the ELEMNT with your phone. Select Pair to complete the pairing process. If you do not select Pair (allow a timeout) or you select Cancel, pairing will not proceed and you will need to select Pair Phone again on the ELEMNT.

*NOTE: Although recommended, removing the existing pairing from your phone (accessible via the iOS bluetooth settings) is not essential. You will notice that if you do not remove this pairing, multiple entries will appear in your My Devices listing. These additional (defunct) entries can be deleted at any time. To do this, open the phone Settings menu, access the Bluetooth menu and forget the unwanted ELEMNT pairing from My Devices.

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