How to install an ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM on a bike

The ELEMNT, BOLT, and ROAM out front mounts fit 31.8 mm clamp bars. Use a 2.5 mm hex key / allen wrench to free the bolt, place the mount around the bars, and then tighten the bolt until it is snug. Due to the low weight of the computer, minimal torque is necessary and over-torquing can strip the threads.

Alternately, you can use the provided zip ties to secure the stem mount to either stem or handlebars. Orient the mount so the Wahoo logo can be read while riding the bike and insert the zip ties vertically or in an X pattern through the holes in the mount. Snug the zip ties and remove the excess.

Once the mount is installed on the bars or stem, place the computer with the top between 9 and 10 of the clock relative to the direction of the bike and rotate it clock-wise until it snaps firmly into place.

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