Touchless Transitions on RIVAL

What are Touchless Transitions?

With Touchless Transitions, ELEMNT RIVAL automatically calculates when transitions occur so that athletes only need to hit the start/stop button twice during a race or training session - once to start and once to complete the workout. This feature works when the RIVAL is placed in the Triathlon workout profile. Triathlon workout mode is automatically turned on for the RIVAL by default.


Using Touchless Transitions:

  1. Start by pairing ELEMNT RIVAL and your ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM to the ELEMNT App for iOS or Android.
  2. Start a workout using the Triathlon workout profile on ELEMNT RIVAL, which has Touchless Transitions turned on by default.

  3. If you are not using an ELEMNT bike computer, then proceed along as normal. After you have completed your event, save the data. One of the great features of Touchless Transitions is that users are able to edit any of the data collected in the Wahoo ELEMNT app after the activity if needed. In the companion app you will be able to see when the RIVAL started/stopped each activity: swim, T1, bike, T2, and run. If for any reason there was an overlap in time, you can adjust the timing within the app and save the new data. Easy as that!

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