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How do I sync routes to my ELEMNT?

You can create a route to sync to your ELEMNT using RideWithGPS, Komoot, or Strava. You will only get Turn by Turn notifications for routes created in RideWithGPS and Komoot.


Routes can be synced to the ELEMNT using either WIFI or Bluetooth 4.0


Create Route

  • For RideWithGPS, you will need to create an account. A free membership will work. 

Create and save your route on RideWithGPS using the Route Planner.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvDQRfc7cXo  


  • For Komoot, you will need to create an account and unlock any regions the route will go through.  If the region isn't unlocked, the route will not sync to your ELEMNT.

Create and save your tour on Komoot using the Route Planner.  


  • For Strava, you will need to create an account. A free membership will work.

Create and save your rote on Strava using the Route Builder. 


Sync Routes over WIFI

  • On the Settings page in the Companion App select "WIFI Network". Select your WIFI network and enter the password to authenticate the ELEMNT.

  • On the Profile page in the Companion App select “Linked Accounts”.
    1. Choose RideWithGPS, Komoot, or Strava.
    2. Log in to authenticate. When your ELEMNT is connected to Wifi, the routes will automatically download.


  • If your ELEMNT is already authorized and synced to RideWithGPS or Komoot, simply navigate to our map page on the ELEMNT and click Routes, and then click Sync.  This will manually start the syncing process.


Sync Routes over Bluetooth 4.0

  • On the Ride page in the Companion App select “No Route Selected”.
    1. Select "Sync from Web".
    2. Routes will be synced from all authorized sites.

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