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How do I control my KICKR or Snap with the ELEMNT Bolt?

You can use the ELEMNT Bolt to control KICKR or KICKR SNAP in several different modes - level mode, ERG mode, resistance mode and routes & ride history mode - to maximize your training. In Route & Ride History, the ELEMNT Bolt controls the KICKR to automatically change resistance to match the elevation profile of your route. You can also ride third party apps while recording your metrics on the ELEMNT Bolt in passive mode.

Pair your KICKR or SNAP to the ELEMNT Bolt like you would pair any sensor (Menu->Add Sensor) then a KICKR Control Page will be automatically added on your ELEMNT.

Page over to this the KICKR Control page and from here you can choose which mode you would like to control your ELEMNT Bolt in: Level, erg, resistance, passive or route.

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