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How do I set up Strava Live Segments on my ELEMNT?

  1. Create a Strava Premium Account.
  2. Star the Strava Live Segments you want to view while riding using the Strava app or Strava website.
  3. On your Profile page in the ELEMNT Companion App select “Linked Accounts” (If you already have Strava authenticated; you do not need to perform steps 3-4).
  4. Choose Strava and authenticate it using your Strava user name and password.
  5. Power on your ELEMNT and connect your ELEMNT to WiFi (if not already connected).
  6. Using your ELEMNT, scroll to the Strava Live Segments page.
  7. Press the Sync button.
  8. Your Starred Strava Live Segments will automatically download to the ELEMNT via WiFi.